February Building Manager Update

Summer 2022 Renovation Projects

The list of campus renovation projects for Summer 2022 construction has been selected by a campus-wide group that includes FP&M staff and representatives from a number of schools, colleges, and divisions. 

Of the 90 projects reviewed, 23 projects fell into the highest priority categories and were identified for Summer 2022 construction and delivery.

Physical Plant Service and Labor Rates Set to Change

Rates for various FP&M services, including Physical Plant labor and architect/engineer design fees will change on July 1, 2022. These changes will align rates with current costs and provide the basis for ongoing, regular adjustments based on analysis of revenue and expenditures.

Upcoming Changes to Public Health Signage

Campus leadership recently announced that masking requirements for indoor spaces on campus will expire on March 12. 

As a part of this change, Physical Plant will remove masking signage from building entrances after masking requirements expire. We will provide additional updates as this work progresses.

Public health signage available for use in interior spaces will also be updated to reflect current requirements in the coming weeks. Building managers and other building occupants are responsible for updating this signage to align with current requirements. 

Drones Help Building Inspections on Campus

FP&M Physical Plant, in partnership with the State of Wisconsin Division of Facilities Development (DFD), has been engaged in a project to conduct standard building assessments of 17 campus buildings. This year, for the first time, the contractors are using a drone with both a high-resolution camera and a thermal imaging camera to carefully inspect the exterior of each building.

Additional Resources

For more information and resources for building managers, please visit the FP&M Facility/Building Manager Tools page.