FY23 Physical Plant Rate Changes

Rates for various Facilities Planning & Management (FP&M) Physical Plant services are set to change on July 1, 2022. These rates are being increased for three reasons:

  • Rates have not been updated since fiscal 2011.
  • The provision of new benefits for our Trades employees effective January 1, 2022 increases costs.
  • Current rates cause Physical Plant to operate at a deficit.

FY23 rate changes will address these factors and are forecast to align revenues with expenditures going forward. Past losses are not being recovered through these adjustments and will be addressed internally.

Hourly Labor Rates

See the complete rate schedule with changes by labor class.

A&E Design Fees

In addition, the rates for Physical Plant Architects and Engineers (A&E) design fees (for in-house renovation projects $185,000 or less) will be modified to incorporate a flat fee for smaller construction projects and an increase from 8 percent to 9 percent of construction costs for larger projects.


Due to the longer-term nature of in-house renovation projects, there will be projects that begin before July 2022 and end after July 2022. Work performed will be billed as follows for these projects:

  • Present–June 2022: Current labor rates and A&E fee schedule.
  • July 2022–June 2023: New labor rates and A&E fee schedule as above.

FY24 and Beyond

Moving forward, financial results will continually be analyzed by FP&M, and any future rate changes will be incorporated in an annual cycle where communication occurs in January each year for implementation in the next fiscal year (July).