FP&M is led by David Darling, Associate Vice Chancellor for Facilities Planning & Management. This division consists of six departments and the Office of the Associate Vice Chancellor.

Office of the Associate Vice Chancellor

The Office of the Associate Vice Chancellor provides services to all FP&M units in the areas of administration, budget and financial reporting, business operations and purchasing, human resources and training, organizational development, and communications.

Campus Planning & Landscape Architecture

Campus Planning & Landscape Architecture works with faculty, staff, students, and the surrounding urban community on physical planning issues, including implementation of the Campus Master Plan. Staff assist with the capital budgeting and infrastructure planning processes, assist with facility-related ADA issues, design and manage landscape architecture projects, provide support for historic and cultural resources, and manage public art, as well as serve as liaisons with municipal governments and adjacent neighborhoods.

Capital Planning & Development

Capital Planning & Development is responsible for identifying and developing capital programs and related policies and procedures to address the University’s strategic, long-range physical planning needs. Staff oversee development of the biennial capital budget and serve as university representatives and project managers for the design of new facilities, additions, utility improvements, and large scale remodeling projects.

Environment, Health & Safety

Environment, Health & Safety provides guidance, technical consultations, and expertise to the campus community in the areas of biological, chemical, environmental, engineering, radiation, lake, and fire safety.

Physical Plant

Physical Plant is responsible for the maintenance of campus buildings, grounds, utilities, and vehicles. Design resources, construction trades, and specialized facilities services are available for departmental requests and remodeling projects on a fee-for service basis.

Space Management Office

The Space Management Office collects, maintains, and analyzes information about University space use. The office coordinates the allocation and reassignment of existing space and participates in the planning for modified or new space. This includes providing appropriate office, laboratory, or support space for research and instruction, as well as classroom environments for effective teaching and learning, and support services for use of multimedia classrooms. The office also provides support for leasing space, manages campus real estate transactions, and assists with space relocation for major remodeling projects.

Transportation Services

Transportation Services is responsible for the coordination and administration of all transportation-related services for the UW campus community. Primary functions include the sale/management of parking permits, special event coordination, maintenance and enforcement, construction coordination, lot and booth operations, citation payments and appeals, information technology, financial, transportation planning, and development of multimodal options.