Summer 2022 Renovation Projects

Summer 2022 Renovation Projects have now been prioritized and scheduled.

Summer is the most requested timeframe for in-house renovations and facilities-related work. This year, there were 90 requests for renovation projects ($185,000 or less). These ranged from classroom upgrades and office updates to laboratory renovations.

To determine the projects for summer priority construction, FP&M engaged schools, colleges, and divisions from across campus in a collaborative process designed to conduct a risk assessment and establish clear priorities among the submissions. Representatives from the Physical Plant and the Space Management Office held a series of meetings with stakeholders from the College of Engineering, College of Agricultural and Life Sciences, College of Letters & Science, School of Medicine and Public Health, the Law School, and the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Graduate Research and Education.

Of the 90 projects reviewed, 23 projects fell into the highest priority categories and were identified for Summer 2022 construction and delivery. The attached list provides more information about these 23 projects.

We want you to know that projects not scheduled for Summer 2022 construction are still important and we will continue to work with you to find ways to respond to your needs.

Lastly, we want to thank the representatives from the participating schools, colleges, and divisions for their hard work and deep engagement in this process. Without their dedication to both their own units and to campus generally, we would not be able to effectively prioritize and execute projects across the entire university.

If you have questions or concerns about this process, please send a message to