About FP&M

The Division of Facilities Planning & Management (FP&M) is a full-spectrum service organization that builds, maintains, and operates the physical environment of the UW-Madison campus in support of the university’s education, research, and outreach activities.

FP&M works behind the scenes to coordinate campus planning, manage design and construction, maintain and operate buildings and grounds, supply utility services, ensure health and safety, and provide parking and transportation services.

Our campus customers include anyone who works, studies, visits, or lives on campus.

Sphere of Operations

FP&M’s sphere of operations extends to the entire 939-acre UW campus and includes buildings and grounds, walkways and roadways, parking lots, vehicles, and utility generation and distribution systems. On the main campus, this includes 420 buildings containing more than 17 million assignable square feet (ASF) of academic and research space and more than 25 million total gross square feet (GSF). More than 120 of these buildings house major instructional and research facilities. More than 83 percent of these buildings are at least 25 years old and 79 percent are at least 35 years old.  Thirteen miles of roads, 60 miles of sidewalks, 100 parking lots and 60 bus stops comprise campus mobility surfaces. There are also more than 9,500 acres of off-campus property.

The annual operating budget of FP&M is $227 million. FP&M has also managed more than $3 billion of capital projects since 2000.

Leadership Team

Cindy Torstveit

Position title: Associate Vice Chancellor
Facilities Planning & Management

Email: cindy.torstveit@wisc.edu

Margaret Tennessen

Position title: Deputy Associate Vice Chancellor
Office of the AVC

Email: margaret.tennessen@wisc.edu

Lindsey Honeyager

Position title: Chief of Staff
Office of the AVC

Email: lindsey.honeyager@wisc.edu

Peter Schlecht

Position title: University Architect/Assistant Vice Chancellor
Campus Planning & Design

Email: peter.schlecht@wisc.edu

Ginny Routhe

Position title: Assistant Vice Chancellor
Capital Project Delivery

Email: routhe@wisc.edu

Christopher Strang

Position title: Assistant Vice Chancellor
Environment, Health & Safety

Email: christopher.strang@wisc.edu

James Bogan

Position title: Assistant Vice Chancellor
Physical Plant

Email: james.bogan@wisc.edu

Paula Veltum

Position title: Assistant Vice Chancellor
Real Estate Development & Administration

Email: paula.veltum@wisc.edu

Missy Nergard

Position title: Director
Office of Sustainability

Email: missy.nergard@wisc.edu

Patrick Kass

Position title: Assistant Vice Chancellor
Transportation Services

Email: patrick.kass@wisc.edu

Our Mission

Providing excellence in facilities and services for our university community