Cleaning and Disinfectant Supplies in Campus Buildings

It has been requested by senior leadership that a supply of disinfectants, related cleaning supplies, and face coverings be maintained on-site in each building with instructional spaces. To help support this request:

  • Physical Plant has placed 500 one-gallon bottles of hand sanitizer in building entrances and high-traffic areas across campus. These bottles are checked nightly and refilled as needed.
  • Physical Plant will place two one-gallon containers of disinfectant wipes in the main entrance of classroom buildings before the start of the fall semester. These containers will be checked and restocked nightly.

Please note that Physical Plant will no longer stock wipes, spray disinfectant, and paper towels in classrooms.

Ordering Cleaning/Disinfecting Supplies and PPE 

With the exceptions listed above, procurement and distribution of cleaning/disinfecting consumables and PPE has returned to our normal (pre-pandemic) process. Physical Plant will no longer provide wipes, spray disinfectant, and paper towels in classrooms. Any cleaning/disinfecting supplies or PPE needed for regular, ongoing day-to-day operations (such as masks, mask fitters, gloves, face shields, and gowns) will continue to be available at no cost through ShopUW+ until current inventories are exhausted. Once that occurs, these items should be procured by the base unit/lab/school/college from other ShopUW+ vendors using normal practices.

Orders will typically be delivered the next working day after the order is placed. To find these items from the ShopUW+ home page, go to Shopping Home > Facility Supplies > MDS Warehouse.  A keyword search (e.g., “mask”) can be used to find the items of interest. The suggested disinfectant (that Physical Plant uses) is called Oxivir Tb and is available in one-quart spray bottles on ShopUW+.

Storing Supplies 

To ensure availability of these supplies, we are requesting that building managers and department contacts identify a space within your building where disinfecting supplies and PPE can be kept for issuing and that they notify FP&M customer service of the location. Ordering instructions are in the previous section, so that you can procure and stock the space you identified. Although these supplies will be spot-checked by FP&M Custodial Services, we are asking departments to partner with us to ensure adequate stock is ordered and available for your buildings.

Updated: If you would also like to place some of the disinfecting materials and face coverings in common areas, and you do not have a suitable location, you may order tables by contacting Physical Plant Customer Service. A limited number of tables are available on a first-come, first-served basis and delivered to building loading docks as time permits.