FP&M Updates for Building Managers (August 19)

This FP&M update contains a great deal of information about campus operations, including:

  • New Public Health Signage

  • Masking Signage on Exterior Doors

  • Hand Sanitizer in Public Areas

  • Cleaning and Disinfection in Classrooms

  • Ordering COVID-related Supplies from ShopUW+

  • July Physical Plant Operations Report

  • Access Control Upgrade Project Update

Public Health Signage Now Available

New and updated public health signage is now available to campus units at no cost from DoIT Printing and Publishing Services. Available signs include:

  • Mask Required
  • Handwashing Steps
  • Cleaning & Disinfection
  • Kitchen-Breakroom Etiquette
  • Drinking Fountain Etiquette
  • Know the Symptoms of COVID-19

As we approach the beginning of the fall semester, we remind building managers to:

  • Make sure that the standard signage is posted in your building.
  • Hang the signage according to best practices:
    • Use the command strips provided with the signs.
    • Place the signage in a highly visible location.
    • Avoid adhering signage to wood or upholstered surfaces.
    • Mount signs so that the top of the main heading is 60 inches from the floor.
    • Post signs consistently within and through rooms, where possible.
  • Avoid modifying the signs in any way.
  • Replace any damaged or defaced signs (for exterior signs, see below).

Note: Please remove any signage with the Smart Restart logo and replace it with updated signage, as necessary.

Masking Signage on Exterior Doors

Campus has developed signage for building entrances to reflect the campus guidelines for face coverings/masks. Physical Plant has recently completed the installation of these signs.

Please do not remove, tamper with, or obscure masking signs on exterior doors in any way.

If you encounter a sign that you believe has been posted in error, an entrance missing a sign, or a sign that needs replacement, please contact Physical Plant Customer Service.

Hand Sanitizer in Public Areas

Physical Plant will continue to stock and maintain hand sanitizing stations located at building entrances and in high volume areas in many campus buildings. Please note that this applies only to buildings normally serviced by Physical Plant.

Cleaning and Disinfection in Classrooms

Physical Plant will return to pre-pandemic cleaning procedures and protocols in classrooms, all public areas, and private offices. We have discontinued the provision of wipes, spray disinfectant, and paper towels in classrooms. Campus units may still order bottles of spray disinfectant and paper towels for use in their areas from ShopUW+ (see below).

Ordering COVID-related Supplies from ShopUW+

Cleaning/disinfecting supplies or PPE needed for regular, ongoing day-to-day operations (such as masks, mask fitters, gloves, face shields, and gowns) will continue to be available at no cost through ShopUW+ until current inventories are exhausted.

Once that occurs, these items should be procured by each campus unit from other ShopUW+ vendors using normal purchasing practices.

Some other items, such as Plexiglass shields, are also available from ShopUW+ at departmental cost. Please note that the installation of items such as Plexiglass shields must be performed by Physical Plant and will require departmental funding.

July Operations Report

The Physical Plant Operations Report provides a regular update on key areas with a special focus on current renovation and construction projects. Each report also includes one or more topics of special interest.

In this report, which covers July 2021, you will find updates about:

  • Preventive maintenance
  • Breakdowns and emergency calls
  • Projects completed in July
  • FY21 project delivery review
  • Insurance claims update
  • Summer renovation projects
  • Small Projects program

We hope this report provides you with both a high-level overview and the detail you need to understand the work we do to support UW-Madison’s mission of research, education, and outreach.

Access Control Upgrade Project Update

The Access Control Upgrade Project is continuing but is about two months behind schedule. The project team is looking at ways to accelerate work.

It has come to the project team’s attention that there is some misunderstanding about battery backup for Andover panels. It is very likely that these batteries are not reliable and need replacement. Recent power outages when the Andover system went down have exposed this issue and resulted in unsatisfactory door conditions. Andover panels also do not always restart smoothly after this kind of failure.

The maintenance of batteries in legacy Andover panels is the responsibility of building occupants. Access control battery testing and or replacement is a departmental expense and is not a scheduled preventative maintenance activity.

Additional Information

For more information and resources for building managers, please visit the FP&M Facility/Building Manager Tools page.