Building Manager Update (January 21)

This week’s message includes important information about the university’s COVID-19 response plans for the spring semester, as well as changes to custodial services and other FP&M operations.

Scheduled Instructional Spaces

The list of instructional spaces scheduled for use in the Spring 2021 semester has been updated by the Registrar. For detailed information, consult the list of instructional spaces in use.

Custodial Services

On January 25, custodians will shift focus back to cleaning instructional spaces and currently identified virtual learning and assessment spaces, as well as restrooms and building common areas.

Campus units are once again responsible for cleaning laboratories and shared offices, in addition to private offices (see below). They continue to be responsible for removing trash and recycling to central locations in their buildings.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact Physical Plant Customer Service or your building’s custodial supervisor.

Building Access

Building access for the Spring 2021 semester is intended to be similar to last semester with added locking of monitored buildings.

Established protocols regarding requests to lock a building remain in place. Requests to lock a building must be sent to UWPD Access Control ( and include justification and documentation of approval from the appropriate vice chancellor or dean.

It is the responsibility of all units to clearly communicate to their employees about the building access protocols they will use. It remains the responsibility of each building to ensure that anyone who needs access to the building can obtain it if they are following campus health protocols.

Please be sure to communicate with your building occupants to make sure they are aware of any changes to access and locking status.

Reminder: Cleaning and Disinfection Responsibilities

Cleaning and disinfection is a shared responsibility among everyone on campus. Maintaining a healthy environment requires frequent cleaning and disinfection throughout the day. Some areas are cleaned and disinfected by campus custodians; other areas are the responsibility of the occupants and/or users of that space.

Campus custodians are focusing their efforts on cleaning and disinfecting the following areas:

  1. Building common spaces (e.g., entries, lobbies, corridors, elevators, and restrooms).
  2. Spring 2021 Instructional Spaces
  3. Virtual Learning and Assessment Spaces

In addition, FP&M will stock cleaning and disinfection supplies in both scheduled classrooms and virtual learning and assessment rooms (in addition to hand sanitizer dispensers in common areas).

Work units are responsible for cleaning and disinfecting their offices, laboratories, conference rooms, and other unit-specific spaces, as well as for removing trash and recycling to a central location in their building.

Campus units are also responsible for the cleaning and disinfection of spaces they make available to faculty, staff, and students that are not scheduled classrooms or virtual learning and assessment rooms. FP&M recommends that campus units encourage the users of these spaces to clean their immediate area (e.g., table, desk, etc.) before and after use in the same way that students and instructors will clean their workspace in classrooms.

FP&M does not stock cleaning supplies for these spaces; campus units should procure cleaning and disinfection supplies from Shop@UW (using the existing process for acquiring COVID-related supplies) and provide these supplies to occupants and/or users of these spaces.

Please keep in mind that campus custodial resources are limited and cannot be expected to service departmental spaces (other than scheduled classrooms or virtual learning and assessment rooms).

Reminder: Loading Dock Access

The testing program requires some changes to loading dock access in monitored buildings. In general, we recommend that loading docks remain unlocked in all buildings. The following conditions apply for monitored buildings:

  • Signage at the loading dock must indicate that it is not an authorized building entrance; this signage should direct people to the monitored entrances
  • The loading dock must be periodically checked to verify that people are not using it as a building entrance instead of the monitored entrance.
  • The loading dock must be locked if these checks find that the dock is being used inappropriately as a building entrance.

Buildings that are not being monitored as part of the campus testing program may continue to provide access to their loading docks as they are currently.

Reminder: Signage

New building signage has been created to support testing and other aspects of the university’s COVID-19 response.

  • New building entry signs will be posted to support testing. These will be installed by Physical Plant staff.
  • Some locations will receive entry wayfinding signage to direct people to the designated primary entrance and/or a testing site. These will also be installed by Physical Plant staff.

Reminder: Other COVID-19 Signage

The signage ordering site has been updated. Signage encouraging public health best practices and procedures is up-to-date and ready for use in the Spring semester.

  • As the Spring semester approaches, please review the public health signage in your building and order new signs as needed to support public health and building flow management.
  • There is a new interior sign–an awareness poster that lists the steps for getting the app, getting tested, and maintaining building access–that is now available. We recommend that you order and post this sign in public areas.
  • Signs at the entrances and elevators will continue to be managed by the Physical Plant. If these signs need to be replaced, please contact Physical Plant Customer Service.

Additional Information

For the latest information about campus operations, check the FP&M Operational Status page and the COVID-19 Response Campus Operations page.