Building Manager Update (February 11)

Spring Building Manager Meeting

By now you have received a calendar invitation to the Spring 2021 Building Manager meeting, scheduled for February 25 from 9:00-10:30 a.m. If you have questions or topics you would like to submit for consideration, please send email to

Update: Building Access

Enforcement of the building access restrictions began on February 10. See the most recent campus update for more details. 

Reminder: Subzero Temperatures and Campus Facilities

We wanted to remind you to be extra vigilant about the effects of extreme cold on campus facilities.

Please keep an eye on the cold weather’s effects on your building, including unoccupied areas, and contact Physical Plant Customer Service (263-3333) with any concerns regarding the following:

  • Frozen or partially frozen pipes.
  • Water leaks or flooding.
  • Ice build-up or blockages in building HVAC systems.
  • Unusual cold around doors or elevators.
  • Falling ice or snow from building exteriors.
  • Indoor temperature registering less than sixty degrees.
  • Any other concerning conditions.

If you are not currently working on campus, please work with your department to identify someone working on site who is familiar with your building and can proactively identify concerns.

Additional Information

For more information about spring semester operations, including information about instructional spaces in use, custodial services, building access, and loading dock access, visit the FP&M Operational Status page.