Building Manager Update (September 24)

As the university begins to resume in-person instruction, FP&M continues to make adjustments to support these changes. Here are some key updates.

Building Access and Locking

On September 26, building access will return to conditions prior the two-week pause of in-person instruction. For a list of buildings that will remain locked, visit the FP&M Operational Status page. All other buildings will revert to their normal business hours.

Signage Requirements

With the resumption of in-person instruction, it is critical that building occupants understand public health protocols and other COVID-related guidance. It more important than ever for building managers to:

  • Make sure that the required standard signage is posted in your building.
  • Hang the signage according to established guidance.
  • Avoid modifying the signs in any way.
  • Replace any damaged or defaced signs.

Signage is available to campus units at no additional cost from DoIT Printing and Publishing Services.

Note: Physical Plant is responsible for posting signage at building entrances and in elevators. Please notify Physical Plant Customer Service about any missing, damaged, or defaced building entrance or elevator signs.

Re-allocation of Custodial Work

Custodians will shift focus back to cleaning instructional spaces and support to some virtual learning and assessment spaces, as well as restrooms and building common areas.

Campus units are once again responsible for cleaning laboratories and shared offices, in addition to private offices. They continue to be responsible for removing trash and recycling to central locations in their buildings.

Additional Information

For the latest information about campus operations, check the FP&M Operational Status page and the COVID-19 Response page.