Updates for Building Managers (September 11)

The university has suspended in-person instruction for undergraduate students for two weeks and also instituted quarantines in some residence halls. As a result, we have made some adjustments to support these changes.

Building Access and Locking

All buildings that were designated as open and accessible to students and instructors starting September 2 are to remain open and accessible until further notice, with some exceptions.

For a complete list of closed buildings, visit the FP&M Operational Status page.

Re-allocation of Custodial Work

Custodial work will shift from instructional spaces to laboratories and shared offices. This work will be performed on evening and overnight shifts when no one is occupying the space. Additional work will be prioritized and scheduled with individual building managers. 

Note: Private office cleaning remains the responsibility of the occupants.

Fall 2020 Building Manager Meeting

The Fall 2020 Building Manager Meeting took place on Thursday, September 10. This meeting was recorded; you can view it here.

Additional Information

For the latest information about campus operations, check the FP&M Operational Status page.