Preparations for Additional Excavation on Bascom Hill

The Bascom Hill/Lathrop Drive Utility (Phase 1) project continues to make progress, with ongoing work on Package 1, Stage 1 and upcoming work on Package 2, Stage 1.

New Work

Contractors will begin preparing for the next stage (Package 2, Stage 1) of the Bascom Hill/Lathrop Drive Utility project during the week of August 5.

As part of this work, additional barriers and fencing will be erected to cordon the work site. This will cause detours and closures to some sidewalks, roads, and parking lots (see below).

The entire work site will not be cordoned off immediately. Instead, it will expand as work progresses.

Package 2, Stage 1: Work Area, Closures, and Detours

Ongoing Work

Package 1 (below) of this project is on schedule for completion in late August. Work continues on Lathrop Drive, affecting access to Lathrop Hall, Chamberlin Hall, and Lot 115. Landscape crews are also beginning site restoration around Ingraham Hall and North Hall.

Package 1, Stage 1: Work Area, Closures, and Detours

A Note on Terminology

The Bascom-Lathrop Utility (Phase 1) project uses DOA/DFDM terminology to refer to the discrete parts of the project. In the current phase there are multiple packages (each of which is bid separately); each package contains one or more stages of work.

For example, the work starting the week of August 5 is Phase 1—Package 2, Stage 1.

For more information about this project, visit the Bascom Hill/Lathrop Drive Utility (Phase 1) project page.