Bascom/Lathrop Utility Project

The Bascom Hill/Lathrop Drive Utility (Phase 1) project replaces, relocates and/or constructs new:

  • Thermal utilities (steam and chilled water)
  • Electrical utilities (primary electric/signal communications)
  • Civil utilities (domestic water, sanitary sewer and storm sewer)

This project takes place in two areas:

  1. Between North Charter Street and Music Hall along Lathrop Drive
  2. Between Bascom Hall and North Park Street north to Observatory Drive  in the Bascom Hill area.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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The Bascom-Lathrop Utility (Phase 1) project uses DOA/DFDM terminology to refer to the discrete parts of the project. In the current phase there are multiple packages (each of which is bid separately); each package contains one or more stages of work.

For example, the work starting the week of August 5 is Phase 1—Package 2, Stage 1.