Building Manager Update (November 5)

Here are a number of updates and reminders about FP&M operations for November 5, 2020.

New Reduced Cost Parking Options

UW-Madison is now offering reduced cost parking options for graduate and professional students, as well as employees earning less than $35,000 per year in base wages. These rates are in effect starting November 5, 2020 and run through August 31, 2021.

Reminder: Summer Renovation Project Submission Deadline

The deadline for submission of renovation project requests for Summer 2021 construction is December 1, 2020. Projects will be collaboratively prioritized and selected for construction in Summer 2021 that have the greatest impact to the University’s mission and that will also benefit from reduced campus occupancy.

Reminder: Fall Semester Physical Security

While all in-person instruction will move to a virtual format after the Thanksgiving recess, most campus facilities will remain open, just as they are today, through the end of the semester. This phase of the semester does not constitute a campus shutdown or closure. 

Requests for restricted access, which must include justification as well as documentation of the appropriate Dean/Vice Chancellor approval, must be sent to UWPD Access Control ( 

Reminder: Changes to Scheduled Instructional Spaces

The list of instructional spaces scheduled for use in the Fall 2020 semester has been updated by the Registrar. For detailed information, consult these two lists:

If you have a room that has been inactivated that still requires custodial services, please contact Kris Ackerbauer ( to discuss your requirements.

Additional Information

For the latest information about campus operations, check the FP&M Operational Status page and the COVID-19 Response Campus Operations page.