Summer 2021 Renovation Project Deadlines

Now is the time to start planning for next summer. The deadline for renovation project submissions is December 1—less than two months away.

For 2021, we will once again select projects based on a collective effort between FP&M and representatives from the School of Medicine and Public Health, College of Letters & Science, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, College of Engineering, and the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Graduate Research and Education, as well as an additional campus representative from another school, college, or division (selected based on the overall pool of requests).

This team will collaboratively prioritize and select projects for construction in Summer 2021 that have the greatest impact to the University’s mission and that will also benefit from reduced campus occupancy.

Planning Milestones

  • December 1: Renovation project requests due to Physical Plant.
  • January 12: First prioritization discussion.
  • January 15: Second prioritization discussion.
  • January 21: Third prioritization discussion (if needed).
  • Mid-February: Confirmed project list published.

This planning schedule allows FP&M to collaborate effectively with schools, colleges, and divisions across campus to prioritize projects. It also allows Physical Plant staff to effectively plan, allocate resources, and order materials for summer renovation work.

Between the December 1 deadline and the first prioritization meeting, any submitted requests will need enough scope development to be evaluated. That time also includes holidays, so submitting your requests now will provide more options for site visits and other collaboration.

To request a renovation project, submit a Customer Request.

Please direct questions about this process to Jay Bieszke (