Updates for Building Managers (August 13)

We continue to work with COVID-19 Response implementation groups across campus to prepare for the start of on-site instruction. Here are a few updates and reminders as you move forward with work in your building.

Updated Materials

See Returning to Campus Safely pages and COVID-19 Response resources for more information.

Reminders and Other Information

Disinfectant Spray Bottles. FP&M is working closely with MDS to fill and distribute spray bottles filled with Oxivir Tb and other disinfectants for daily use by campus units. However, spray bottles remain in short supply nationwide. Please be sure to work with your building occupants to return empty spray bottles to MDS for reuse.

Interdepartmental and US Postal Mail. Interdepartmental mail and US postal mail are being delivered on their normal daily schedule when building access permits. Building managers should monitor their mailroom to determine whether mail has been delivered. Contact FP&M Campus Mail Services (uwcampusmail@fpm.wisc.edu) with questions or to arrange to pick up held mail.

Package Delivery. Contact MDS Customer Service at shopuw@bussvc.wisc.edu to request direct delivery of all parcel packages shipped to your facility when you are ready to resume responsibility for receiving and providing building access to UPS and FedEx drivers.

Procurement of PPE and Other Supplies. Designated staff in each School/College/Division are able to order COVID-related PPE and other supplies from Shop@UW. Check with your unit to confirm how PPE will be ordered and supplied to your facility and its occupants.