Update for Building Managers (August 19)

We continue to work with COVID-19 Response implementation groups across campus to prepare for the start of on-site instruction. Here are a few updates and reminders as you move forward with work in your building.

The changes to building access and package delivery may affect how much time building managers (or a designated substitute) will need to spend on campus working in their buildings before September 2. Please work with your unit to make appropriate arrangements to ensure that there is adequate staffing to support these changes. 

Building Access and Reopening 

On August 24, a subset of campus buildings will be open and accessible via their normal doors during their regular business hours (unless they have made special arrangements for adjustments). This will allow instructors to preview instructional spaces, practice using the space, and become familiar with how they are reconfigured. 

On August 31, all campus buildings will return to normal access using their regular business hours, unless the unit(s) in a given building have made special alternative arrangements in coordination with UWPD and FP&M. 

Questions about building access can be directed to the UWPD Access Control Office. 

Package Delivery

On August 24, regular package delivery from FedEx and UPS will resume and packages will no longer be held at the MDS warehouse. Packages currently being held at the MDS warehouse can be requested using the Shop@UW package tracking form

Receipt and distribution of mail and packages within each building may have involved the building manager or other departmental staff. Units are responsible for setting up a process by which mail and packages will be distributed to the appropriate office(s). 

If a building is to remain locked, units should make alternate arrangements directly with UPS and FedEx. MDS will continue to provide assistance with any parcels that are misdirected to the warehouse, as this is a routine service they provide at no cost to campus units.

New and Updated Materials

See Returning to Campus Safely pages and other COVID-19 Response resources for more information.