Transition to Cooling Systems Underway

With the forecast warm temperatures, please review this seasonal message and advise your building occupants accordingly.
Physical Plant will begin the process for activating cooling systems in campus buildings the week of March 25. This process includes filling chilled water systems, maintenance checks on air handlers and other start-up activities.

Very few cooling systems on campus are designed to remain active year-round. Each fall, FP&M Physical Plant staff drain more than 700 air handling units in 113 buildings across campus to prevent damage from cold temperatures.

It normally takes 4-6 weeks to refill and restart all these cooling systems. Physical Plant maintenance mechanics monitor outside air temperatures and the long-range forecast to determine when it is safe to restart campus cooling systems. Buildings with animals, temperature-sensitive research activities, and server rooms are given the highest priority.

Due to the variability of spring weather in the Midwest, it is common to experience a few warm days before all cooling systems are fully operational.
If you have questions about the cooling system start-up in your building, contact your Facility Specialist.