FP&M Updates for Building Managers (September 30)

Note: This update will return to a monthly schedule in October and will be published on the third Thursday of the month (starting October 14).

Save the Date: Fall Building Manager Meeting

The Fall 2021 Building Manager Meeting is scheduled for November 4, 2021 from 9:30am-11:00am. More information about this remote/virtual meeting will be available in the coming weeks.

Reminder: Updated Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The FP &M COVID-related FAQs have been updated to address more HVAC questions. The Guidance for HVAC Systems During the COVID-19 Pandemic has also been updated.

These and other resources are available on the Facility/Building Manager Tools page.

Reminder: Guidance for Posting Public Health Signage Now Available

Updated guidance and recommendations for posting public health signage is now available for signage provided by DoIT Printing and Publishing Services

Note: Please remove any signage with the Smart Restart logo and replace it with updated signage as necessary.

Reminder: Masking Signage on Exterior Doors

Campus has developed signage for building entrances to reflect the campus guidelines for face coverings/masks.

Please do not remove, tamper with, or obscure masking signs on exterior doors in any way. 

If you encounter a sign that you believe has been posted in error, an entrance missing a sign, or a sign that needs replacement, please contact Physical Plant Customer Service.

Reminder: Cleaning and Disinfectant Supplies in Instructional Buildings

It has been requested by senior leadership that a supply of disinfectants, related cleaning supplies, and face coverings be maintained on-site in each building with instructional spaces. To help support this request:

  • Physical Plant has placed 500 one-gallon bottles of hand sanitizer in building entrances and high-traffic areas across campus. These bottles are checked nightly and refilled as needed.
  • Physical Plant has placed two one-gallon containers of disinfectant wipes in the main entrance of classroom buildings. These containers will be checked and restocked nightly. 

Please note that Physical Plant will no longer stock wipes, spray disinfectant, and paper towels in classrooms.

For more information about these supplies, visit the FP&M website.

Additional Resources

For more information and resources for building managers, please visit the FP&M Facility/Building Manager Tools page.