FP&M Updates for Building Managers (July 22)

Building Access and Locking

Most campus buildings have now returned to their regular hours of operation and pre-pandemic levels of accessibility, with a few exceptions. Building managers are reminded to make sure that building occupants are aware of their building’s hours of operation, which entrances are open, and whether there are exceptions or special requirements for access.

Changes to building access must be coordinated with the Office of the Provost, UW Police Department, and FP&M. Exceptions to normal operation may require Dean/Director and Provost approval.


Temporary Parking Arrangements for Loading/Unloading

As campus prepares for the fall semester, employees may need to return or remove office equipment and personal belongings from on-site work locations. Now that parking enforcement has returned to pre-pandemic levels, Transportation Services suggests the following options for employees seeking to park and load/unload equipment and personal belongings:

  1. Check temporary loading/unloading stall options. Transportation Services is temporarily converting some stalls in certain surface parking lots into loading and unloading zones. Stalls will be marked with one-hour loading/unloading zone signs. These stalls will be available starting August 2 on a first-come, first-served basis. If stalls are full, see visitor parking options below.
  2. Check visitor parking options, including:
  3. Coordinate with Transportation Services. Individual units can contact Transportation Services to determine whether it is possible to make special arrangements for parking flexibility during August 2021. Parking arrangements are subject to space limitations and take time to finalize. To begin this process, submit a Temporary Loading Zone Request.

Transportation Services requests that building managers remain flexible and help their building occupants to facilitate the reunification on campus for the fall semester. This may include working with building occupants and departmental administrative staff to check the availability of loading zones and loading docks and coordinating the use of moving equipment (e.g., dollies, carts, etc.) for employees if available.

Reminder: New Masking Signage

Campus has developed revised signage for building entrances to reflect the new campus guidelines for face coverings/masks. Physical Plant has recently completed the installation of these signs.

If you encounter a sign that needs to be replaced or a building entrance that needs a sign, please contact Physical Plant Customer Service.

Reminder: Spacing Adjustments for Upcoming Physical Distancing Change

The university will return to pre-pandemic guidelines for configuring campus spaces on August 9. Additional spacing to promote physical distancing will no longer be required; classrooms and other spaces will operate at full capacity.

  • Floor dots:  Please remove all physical distancing floor dots and stickers. If you require assistance, please contact Physical Plant Customer Service.
  • Furniture:  As we work through this next transition, we recognize there is much work to do to restore furniture and/or fixtures that have been relocated or marked off for non-use. This responsibility will fall to building occupants (with the exception of General Assignment classrooms, which Space Management will reset). If altered departmental classrooms, research labs, office spaces, common areas, and other spaces need to be restored, departmental resources will need to be used.

Please start planning now, and if you need help (such as a contracted mover) please let us know immediately.

  • Architectural standards. Contact your Facility Specialist and coordinate an order for consulting on the relevant space.
  • Moving. Facilities Planning & Management uses both contracted labor and some in-house labor from Campus Services to address this type of need. To access either or both of these paths, submit a Move Request in the ReADY portal. Summer is a popular time for moving both on- and off-campus, so please act now if you need this service.

Be advised that everyone will be in the same situation, without much time to define, plan, and act on this issue. The sooner you begin, the more options and choices are available.

June Operations Report

The Physical Plant Operations Report provides a regular update on key areas with a special focus on current renovation and construction projects. Each report also includes one or more topics of special interest.

In this report, which covers June 2021, you will find updates about:

  • Preventive maintenance
  • Projects completed in June
  • Breakdowns and emergency calls
  • Fume hood maintenance
  • Small Projects update
  • Summer renovation projects
  • Reporting on service chargebacks

We hope this report provides you with both a high-level overview and the detail you need to understand the work we do to support UW-Madison’s mission of research, education, and outreach.

Additional Information

For more information and resources for building managers, please visit the FP&M Facility/Building Manager Tools page.