Building Manager Update (February 25)

Spring Building Manager Meeting Materials

The materials from the Spring 2021 Building Manager Meeting are now available.

These materials have also been posted to the meeting post on the FP&M website.

Reminder: Warmer Temperatures and Campus Buildings

Now that an extended period of subzero temperatures has come to an end, we wanted to remind you to be extra vigilant about the effects of warmer temperatures and thawing on campus facilities.

We ask that you keep an eye on your building, including unoccupied areas, and contact Physical Plant Customer Service (263-3333) with any concerns regarding the following:

  • Frozen or partially frozen pipes.
  • Water leaks or flooding.
  • Ice build-up or blockages in building HVAC systems.
  • Falling ice or snow from building exteriors.
  • Any other concerning conditions.

If you are not currently working on campus, please work with your department to identify someone working on site who is familiar with your building and can proactively identify concerns.

Please report concerns and issues immediately to Physical Plant Customer Service.

Reminder: December/January Operations Report

The Physical Plant Operations Report provides a regular update on key areas with a special focus on current renovation and construction projects. Each report also includes one or more topics of special interest.

In this report, which covers both December 2020 and January 2021, you will find updates about:

  • Breakdowns and emergency calls
  • Projects substantially completed and closed-out
  • Helium usage and recovery
  • Preventive maintenance (PM) program
  • Active facilities insurance claims
  • Mechanical rooms

In addition, we provide a glimpse of some of the Physical Plant’s accomplishments during the course of 2020.

Additional Information

For more information about spring semester operations, including information about instructional spaces in use, custodial services, building access, and loading dock access, visit the FP&M Operational Status page.