Building Manager Update (December 17)

This week’s message includes important information about the university’s COVID-19 response plans for the spring semester, as well as reminders about building access and services during winter break.

Spring Semester COVID-19 Response Update

Last week, Chancellor Blank shared details about changes to the university’s COVID-19 response for the Spring 2021 semester.

Defining Terms

Before we delve into some details, we wanted to make sure that everyone understands the terms that we are using.

  • The UW-Madison COVID-19 Response is the umbrella program for all of the university’s pandemic response efforts, including those described below for the spring semester.
  • UW-Madison employees will monitor access to many buildings across campus and also provide information about public health and safety protocols and requirements.

Some Common Questions

We know that these changes create many questions, both for individuals and for each building. Here are some basic details that may answer some of the more common questions:

  • Not every building will be monitored
  • Schools, colleges, and divisions are not required to provide staff for monitoring.
  • When buildings are monitored, they will be monitored for a subset of the normal building hours.
  • Monitored buildings will have all non-monitored entrances locked.
  • Buildings not being monitored will be open in the same way they were in the Fall semester. Requests for restricted access, which must include justification as well as documentation of the appropriate Dean/Vice Chancellor approval, must be sent to UWPD Access Control (
  • Buildings that have been approved to remain locked at all times will not be monitored.

Upcoming Communications

There is much more information to come, and you as building managers can expect the following information, both from campus and from FP&M.

  • If you are responsible for a building that will be monitored or that will house a test location, you will be notified directly within the next 24 hours.
  • Over the next two months, you can expect periodic email updates as this program develops, as well as opportunities to participate in informational meetings.
  • The university’s COVID-19 Response information will be updated regularly as new information becomes available. We encourage you to check back frequently for updates.

Fall Semester and Winter Break Physical Security

Most campus facilities will remain open through the end of the semester and during winter break. This phase does not constitute a campus shutdown or closure.

Requests for restricted access, which must include justification as well as documentation of the appropriate Dean/Vice Chancellor approval, must be sent to UWPD Access Control (

Note: It is the responsibility of each building to ensure that anyone who needs access to the building during the remainder of the semester and during winter break can access the building. Please be sure to communicate with your building occupants to make sure they are aware of any changes to access and locking status.

Mail and Package Delivery

Each building must make their own arrangements to ensure that someone is on-site to ensure package and mail delivery throughout the remainder of the semester and during winter break. if no one will be on-site, you must make alternate arrangements.

Custodial Services Update

After Thanksgiving, custodians stopped servicing most instructional spaces. Service for Virtual Learning Spaces will continue through the end of the semester.

Custodial services have resumed for offices and laboratories, but it continues to be the responsibility of building users/occupants to take their trash to the appropriate central receptacle. If there are spaces that are normally serviced that you would like us to omit cleaning, please contact your building’s custodial supervisor or Physical Plant Customer Service.

Additional Information

For the latest information about campus operations, check the FP&M Operational Status page and the COVID-19 Response Campus Operations page.