Fall 2019 Facility Manager Meeting

The Fall 2019 Facility Manager Meeting was held on October 24, 2019 at the Health Sciences Learning Center (Room 1306) from 10am-11:30am.


  • Welcome
    Jay Bieszke , Executive Director of Physical Plant
  • SWAP Overview
    Matt Thies, Program Specialist Supervisor, SWAP
  • Salt Reduction
    Water Resource Committee
  • Recycling Update
    Kris Ackerbauer, Director of Services, Physical Plant
  • IWMS/AssetWorks Report
    Anjali Sridharan, AssetWorks Change Manager
  • Facilities Specialists Update
    Jim Bogan, Director of Facilities Management, Physical Plant
  • Capital Projects Update
    Christopher McMahan, Executive Director, Facility Planning & Delivery

Meeting Materials