Liquid Helium Facility


Gabriel Bernhardt
Facility Manager
(608) 890-0280

Allen Yingling
Cryogenic Technician
(608) 263-5473

The liquid helium facility provides cryogens, helium recycling, and cryogenic consulting to campus researchers.

Liquid Helium Rates

  • Liquid Helium: $9.50 per liter
  • Dewar Rental: $6.00 per day
  • Dewar Delivery: $6.50

Penalty Charges

  • Dewar returned empty and cold ( < 77K): 25% of initial volume
  • Dewar returned empty and warm: 45% of initial volume

Liquid Nitrogen Rates

  • Liquid Nitrogen: $2.00 per liter
  • Liquid Nitrogen is available for pickup in person. Customers must provide their own dewar.