UW–Madison bids farewell to humble but storied Science House

The UW College of Agriculture and Life Sciences recently published an article about Science House.

The house at 1645 Linden Drive is unassuming. White paint has worn away from its aged wood siding, and ivy has overgrown its nameplate. After a series of renovations, it’s now a mishmash of architecture, dwarfed by modern red brick giants nearby. Its official university name is simply its address.

But the building, known to many as Science House, is the elder resident of its campus neighborhood. Just shy of 150 years old, it was once home to grand people and grand ideas. And it’s an intriguing link between the origins of the UW–Madison College of Agricultural and Life Sciences (CALS), ghost lore, a statehouse ravaged by fire, an artist, and outer space.

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