FP&M Seeking a Director of Sustainability

Facilities Planning & Management is seeking a Director of Sustainability.

The Director of Sustainability will serve as the key facilitator and organizational strategist to lead University of Wisconsin-Madison’s efforts to achieve its vision of instilling a culture of sustainability. The Director will build upon existing successes to position UW-Madison as a leader in the field of Sustainability at the city, state, regional, national and international level by promoting broader awareness of the University’s environmental, social and financial sustainability successes and accomplishments. The Director will develop a comprehensive long-term strategy for an environmentally sustainable future by working with faculty, students, and staff across schools, colleges, divisions, departments and auxiliaries to incorporate sustainable principles and practices in daily operations and academic activities. The Director will work closely with a faculty associate director appointed by the Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies who will have responsibility for the academic components of the program, including development of research partnerships, stewardship of sustainability curricula, and management of the UW-Madison Sustainability Program Certificate.

Applications are due by April 8, 2018.