Medical Sciences Center Renovations

The Medical Sciences Center is undergoing a series of renovations for two large projects:

Department of Kinesiology

This project will remodel 36,000 assignable square feet (ASF) in the Medical Sciences Center (MSC) in order to relocate the Department of Kinesiology prior to the demolition of the Gymnasium/Natatorium (Gym/Nat).

Currently, the Department of Kinesiology occupies approximately 30,800 square feet in the Gym/Nat which is slated to start construction of the new facility in January 2021.

Chemistry Learning Center

This project remodels 4,600 assignable square feet (ASF) on the fourth floor of the Medical Sciences Center (MSC) building. Currently, the Chemistry Learning Center (CLC) is housed in the Daniels Chemistry Building.

The renovation of Daniels will begin in the Fall of 2020 and CLC will need to relocate prior to the start of that renovation. This project will create small flexible use classrooms and office space for CLC.


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