Phone & Pager Request for FP&M Employees

Phone Coordinators have been assigned to handle landline phones, cell phone and pager needs. 

Please contact them to request changes to service. 

Jeannette Jolicoeur   263-3000   AVC, CPD, CPLA, SMO 
Tarlice Griffin  890-3570  EHS
Jennifer Badtke   263-3333   Physical Plant
Anne Bogan    265-6535  Transportation

For Supervisors:

  • All cell phones must be turned into your Phone Coordinator within one week of an employee’s termination.
As a general rule the following criteria will be applied:

  • Landline phones should be disconnected if vacant for more than 5 months.
  • Basic cell phones (not smart phones) can be suspended for 90 days at no charge. If a replacement is not likely to be hired within 90 days, the service should be discontinued.
  • Smart phone service should be cancelled immediately – unless the phone is re-assigned immediately to someone else.

The FP&M Teleom Portal is a searchable directoy listing for all FP&M Employees.  
Access to the portal requires your NetID for use by FP&M staff only.

Campus customers should use the UW Directory to obtain FP&M staff phone numbers.

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