30 N. Mills St. Relocation Information

This page is dedicated to sharing information related to FP&M staff who are relocating 30 N. Mills St. 

      Moving Resource Documents        Confirmed Task Items                           
  •  Coakley Brothers have signed contract for the move

Protocols & Etiquette Work Team

A cross divisional work team was formed to assist in creating a shared set of protocols related to working in an open office environment.

Jonathan Bronk   Campus Planning & Landscape Architecture
Matt Collins
Capital Planning & Development
Danielle Erickson  Space Management 
Liz Fredricks Space Management 
Pat Richards Office of the AVC, WARF
Liz Hammen
Office of the AVC, Communications 

Relocation Work Team
 Teresa Adams  Capital Planning & Development 
 Zach Haak  Office of the AVC, Human Resources
 Rhonda James  Campus Planning & Landscape Architecture
 Pat Richards  Office of the AVC, WARF
 Rob Shively 
(Team Lead)
 Space Management 
 Tom Wise  Space Management