2016-2017 Employee Bus Passes and Parking Permits Available

Bus passes for UW and UW Health employees are now available for ordering. UW employee passes cost $24. UW Health pays for their employee’s bus passes. Both groups can order their 2016-2017 passes online or by visiting a Transportation Services office. New passes go into effect on September 1, 2016—so be sure to keep your current pass and use it through the end of August.

Employees of the State Historical Society, UW Foundation/Alumni Association, and WARF/WICELL/MIR must obtain their passes directly from their respective organizations. UW students obtain bus passes through ASM.

For more information, consult the Bus Pass Instructions or contact Transportation Services via email (tdm@fpm.wisc.edu) or telephone (608-263-6667).

In addition to bus passes, you can also purchase the following products from Transportation Services online:

  • Base Lot Permit (for those who have applied and been offered a permit)
  • Park and Ride Permit
  • Afternoon/Night/Weekend permit
  • Motorcycle Permit
  • Moped Permit