Policies and Procedures for FP&M Staff

Policy Advisory Review Group (PARG)

The FP&M Leadership Team has formed an internal staff group that is responsible for reviewing draft policies and providing feedback prior to the final approval. This new group will be known as the Policy Advisory Review Group (PARG) and includes representatives from each of the six major departments and the FP&M EID team.

The Policy and Procedure Development policy (available here in English, Spanish, Hmong, Tibetan, and Chinese) governs the development of policies and procedures affecting all of FP&M. 

Current PARG members include:

Teresa Adams Capital Planning & Development
Daniel Einstein Campus Planning & Landscape Architecture
Tara Schnell Environment, Health & Safety
Kris Ackerbauer Physical Plant
Rob Shively Space Management
Carolyn Wolff Transportation Services
Laura Peterson FP&M EID Team
Margaret Tennessen Deputy Associate Vice Chancellor
Jennifer Hekman Office of the Associate Vice Chancellor (Staff)