Summer 2016 Campus Road Closures

Written on May 02, 2016

There are a number of construction projects that will impact roads and parking lots on campus in 2016.

  • Hospital Parking Ramp Addition and Reconstruction of Highland Ave.:  We are about halfway through adding 700 stalls and have started reconfiguring Highland Ave. south of Observatory Dr. and the intersection there.  The added stalls intended partially to replace the loss of 400 stalls due to building projects.  Eastbound traffic through the intersection to Observatory Dr. is blocked now for the next couple of weeks.  The project should finish in the first week of June and will allow for people parking in the ramp to use a new exit.
  • Walnut St.:  This weeklong project starts May 31 to mill the old pavement and overlay it between Observatory Dr. and Marsh Dr.  It will completely close the street in both directions.
  • Linden Dr. at Dairy Forage: A new steam connection to Dairy Forage will close both directions of traffic this summer for a short section of road adjacent to the building.
  • Babcock Dr.:  Two road segments will be repaved.  The first is the block between Linden Dr. and Observatory Dr. that will start Monday May 16. Both directions of traffic will be closed as well as Lot 38 under Microbial. The buses will be on detour.  The second segment of Babcock is the exit off University Ave. to Linden Dr.  This project requires a fix to a deep sanitary sewer which has delayed the project until sometime in July.
  • Charter St.:  This two-week project will start June 2 and result in the reconstruction of the road.  It will force buses to detour to Observatory Dr.
  • Langdon St.:  The City is replacing a storm sewer between the Red Gym and Lake St. starting May 31 that will close that portion of the street in both directions for about three weeks.  It will also result in the detour of the 80 bus to University Ave.
  • Lake St.:  The City is replacing its utilities and the pavement between Dayton St. and University Ave. starting May 16 for the whole summer. The street will be closed in both directions between Dayton and Johnson except for access to the Gordon Commons loading dock.  Between Johnson and University it will be one-way northbound only with access maintained to Lot 46.  People exiting Lot 46 to Lake St. will be allowed to turn right only but will also be able to drive in the alley between Fluno and Lot 46 to access Frances St. and Johnson.
  • Lot 43, Meat Science:  Construction of the new Meat Science building will permanently displace the old Seeds building and the metered stalls of Lot 43.  Seeds will move for now in a remodeled version of the old Meat Science building.
  • Lot 16, UWPD Addition:  This project starts in August 2016 and will temporarily block 43 parking stalls before ending in August of 2017 in time for use as football parking.
  • Lot 37, Lakeshore Utility:  The eastern section of Lot 37 will close temporarily to allow for staging for the replacement of steam connections to nearby lakeshore residence halls.
  • Lot 40, Babcock Hall:  This project builds an addition to the west end of the building as well as new loading docks and will permanently displace 40 parking stalls.  The project starts with the demolition of the old Science House in November of 2016. 
  • Lot 3, Music Performance:  Scheduled to start in December of 2016, this new music facility will displace all of the 70 stalls in Lot 3 near UW Extension. 
Note that dates and times of these projects are subject to change. For the latest updates, consult the Campus Road Closures map.